Goose and Tomtom get loose this weekend

This weekend, escape into the twisted logic of the underworld with PW’s March show Goose and Tomtom – or as I like to call it, WWE Smackdown in the Downspace. Goose and Tomtom tells the story of how these two friends react to the theft of Tomtom’s girlfriend’s prized jewels and diamonds. However, what might seem like a common story about two thieves turns into a complex study of power and social dynamics.

Goose and Tomtom

Once you give in to the play’s bizarre world and unique language, director Jenny Gorelick ’14 takes you on a funny and crazy ride. With the help of talented stunt choreographer Trevor Olds ’14, this show uses physical humor and fight scenes more than any other production I’ve ever seen at Brown. Gorelick steps beyond the text and has directed an interpretation of the show that takes advantage of every potential moment of comedy. As director, she has created a mix of gripping scenes and high action moments that are sure to grab your attention.

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