BREAKING: Gourmet Heaven to close its doors forever tonight

Protests at Yale that led to GHeav closing

Protests at Yale that led to GHeav closing

It’s official: one blogger has just confirmed with the staff of Gourmet Heaven that tonight is our last night with Gourmet Heaven. It’s not that surprising the establishment would have to close down, given the controversies that have surrounded the food store franchise: Chung Cho, the owner of the two Providence and New Haven branches, faced wage-theft charges earlier this year.

Following protests on Yale’s campus, the university announced that the New Haven branches would be closing in 2015, as both are housed in Yale-owned property. Now, the Providence branch is following suit. We’ll stay away from depressing conclusions that could be made here, about how even Heavens are corrupt these days, and how naive we were. Basically, you have just a few more hours to get ripped off spend your money at GHeav. But beware, or just think twice, about where that money is going, although it won’t be going there much longer…

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BlogDailyHerald presents: What Brown eatery are you?

rattyYes. We caved. Blog made a quiz, exactly like those that have become ubiquitous on your newsfeed. But, it’s pretty fitting, considering Blog is just a niche version of Buzzfeed. Without further adieu, we present…



Chow Down Brown: Top 5 reasons to be a fan of Gourmet Heaven

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As a senior, I’ve seen a lot of bars and restaurants come and go throughout my four years on the Hill. Liquid Lounge was replaced by the English Cellar Ale House. Toledo, the infamous pizza-in-a-cone restaurant, was replaced by Sahara Hookah. Chipotle replaced Roba Dolce  some random restaurant that had no customers. And Marley’s was replaced by Hercules Mulligan’s (until that too closed).

On Monday, Gourmet Heaven opened, replacing Via Via in terms of its location, and replacing surpassing Tedeschi in terms of its purpose. Within 48 hours of opening its doors, the specialty food store has gained widespread approval, and I’ll even go as far as to say endless amounts of love, from Brunonians.

If you haven’t been yet, remove yourself from the rock (Rock?) you’ve clearly been living under and go check it out for yourself. And, if you’ve already graduated, I’m sorry to say this so bluntly, but you missed out. Even the opening of Froyo World doesn’t even compare to this newest addition. Though there are hundreds of reasons to be a fan of Gourmet Heaven, here are the top 5: Continue Reading

Gourmet Heaven lives up to its name during soft opening

The wait is over; Gourmet Heaven opened its doors this morning at 9 a.m., and it truly is heavenly.


While I would love to report that, like the diligent investigative journalist I aim to be, I was the first-ever customer at the brand-new College Hill branch of Gourmet Heaven, I only managed to snag (an admirable) third place. In my defense, the two students in front of me were coming off of an all-nighter, which I would call an unfair advantage.

A quick perusal of the aisles revealed an unapologetic collection of all the best bougie foods you could desire. I’m personally most excited about the coffee grounds selection, which includes highly covetable Sarabeth’s products. (For those of you unfamiliar with Sarabeth’s, it is a NYC restaurant that I once spotted Kelsey Grammer at. To be fair, I did admit it was all too bougie). The snack food options include tried-and-true favorites like Cape Cod Kettle Chips, and endearingly ‘alt’ brands with names like “Baked in Brooklyn” and “The Daily Crave” (with spoof newspaper packaging). Though I wish I could even attempt to fit a list of all of Gourmet Heaven’s offerings in a single post, some proper aisle-oogling will sure to be more efficient and more fun.

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Gourmet Heaven to host soft opening on 4/29

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It’s here. The day we’ve all been eagerly waiting for. Gourmet Heaven is hosting its soft opening Tomorrow, April 29th! Head over to 205 Meeting St. (right across from Woolley and the V-Dub) at 12 p.m. to receive FREE FOOD from the salad bar and to check out the delicacies this new College Hill gem has to offer. For more information, check out the Facebook event. It’s sure to attract quite the crowd – may the odds be ever in your favor.

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Gourmet Heaven is coming to College Hill!

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What is Gourmet Heaven you may ask? If any of you have been lucky enough to check out one of its Downtown Providence or New Haven locations, you know what a fantastic addition this eatery is going to be to the Brown community. Gourmet Heaven is an organic, gourmet, and specialty food market – essentially a combination of a deli and Whole Foods. It offers everything from snacks and meals (including breakfast, sandwiches, salads, wraps, and hot/cold buffet tables) to imported and everyday groceries. Though nothing can fully fill the void that Tedeschi left in our hearts, it seems as though Gourmet Heaven will make a most valiant effort. For what it’s worth, Yalies have long given “G-Heav” their endorsement.

According to the website, the 205 Meeting St. location (where Via Via once was) should be expected to open any day now. For all of our sakes, let’s hope that the arrival of the warm weather is a good omen for the hasty arrival of delicious food.

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