Gov. Chafee uses “pot for potholes” rationale


In an interview this Monday with HuffPost Live, Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee ’75 P’14 P’17 offered some great logic concerning the legalization of marijuana.

Although Chafee still seems adamant on taking the legalization process slowly, he also appears to be to be warming up to the idea. “I do believe there’s a connection between liberal social policies and a thriving economy,” the governor said in the interview. Basically, Colorado is making a ridiculous amount of revenue, and many states are now seeing the (obvious) benefits legalization can bring.


Look how happy they are.

“Somebody was saying to me about the bad weather we’ve been having back home and all the potholes, we should have the revenue go to infrastructure — pot for potholes. Fix up our roads and bridges and fill our potholes, it’s a bad winter up there.” Now, there’s an idea. Besides being an amazing slogan, Pot for Potholes would use the revenue on pot to fix those death traps we call streets.

As many of us know, marijuana was decriminalized in Rhode Island last year after a three year lobbying effort by the Marijuana Policy Project. Now, possession of an ounce or less is simply a $150 fine.

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Rhode Island once again has a Christmas tree


‘Tis the season for overly dramatic arboreal scuffles.

In response to last year’s flak regarding renaming the 17-foot evergreen in the State House a “Holiday Tree,” Rhode Island’s Governor Chafee ’75 P’14 P’17 has restored the Christmas tree title in a statement issued on Monday.

Rhode Island of all places is a peculiar site for a debate over public religious tokens, considering the Rhode Island Charter of 1663 was the first legal document in the world that completely decoupled church and state in favor of toleration.

However, unsurprisingly, much of the hubbub last year surrounding the name “Holiday Tree” came from none other than Papa Bear Bill O’Reilly. In classic Factor fashion, he sent Jesse Watters up to Providence to ask Brown students for their take on the issue. Watters aired a segment portraying Brown students as the only population in the state that preferred the holiday tree over a Christmas tree, saying that all people he spoke to in Providence preferred the traditional name “except if you go to Brown University.” Continue Reading