Walk of Shame Shuttle: Why don’t we have one of these?!

Floating around the Internet recently has been the story of a young entrepreneur, Kellyann Wargo, who has made a legitimate business out of shuttling UMich Ann Arbor students home after “successful” nights out. A ride costs $5 and comes with a free bottle of water, a $5 off Plan B coupon, and “a complimentary high five.”

Wargo was often sought out in the wee hours by her friends, as she was one of the only girls with a car. When she realized the enormous demand for early morning, post-hookup rides home, she decided to turn her de facto cab service into a business venture.  In addition to the video/article linked above, you can watch her interview with the Heritage Ann Arbor here.

Anyone with a car want to take up the torch here?  One might argue that Brown’s campus is too small to have a market for a cross-campus cab service, to which I would respond: “Perkins.” Maybe this can simply turn into a SafeWalk-like WalkofShameWalk — complete with flip flops and an oversized sweatshirt.