Guest Post: SWUG LYFE

This is a slightly modified version of a post that originally appeared on Brown’s only female comedy website, The RIB.  To view more of its fantastically hilarious content, please check out its website


An article published by NY magazine recently reported a surge in a self-proclaimed SWUG (“senior washed up girl”) culture at our fellow (although obviously inferior in both style and worldly intellect) Ivy in New Haven. After reading through some poorly composed comments, undoubtedly written by men, I stumbled upon this fact: the popularized term, SWUG was coined by none other than a Brown female around 2005. On pondering this fact, I have realized that the probable reasoning behind this is not only that Brown women are the most creative of all, but also have unfortunately shared this cursed identity in full force for too long. What defines the original SWUG–the Brown SWUG? Don’t worry: I will use my personal experience to fill you in.

You start off senior year with these grand ideas—I’m going to go out every night, spend every sunny day on the Main Green, never miss a Wednesday night Whiskey, cook fancy dinners with extravagant drinks from Ina Garten’s recipe collection, and, most importantly, pursue every attractive underclassman that I want…because face it, I’m a senior and the shit. Not to say I haven’t enjoyed myself thus far, but I certainly fell short of my initial goals; I’m sure many of my classmates would agree that they feel the same way. Thus, we have fallen into the SWUG lyfe. Continue Reading