Our pic(k)s: The Halloweek of Sandy (Cohen)

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It ends tonight (our Halloweek costume contest, that is)

Did you rock the most awesome costume while at in line for Halloween Whisko? Want to achieve campus-wide fame? Enter our second annual Halloweek costume contest! Send a picture of your costume to blog@browndailyherald.com with your first name and first initial of your last name, your class year, and a brief description of your costume by TONIGHT at 5 p.m. If you’re lucky, your beautiful face (and costume, duh) will be featured in every post we run tomorrow. Send ’em on in!


The “Too Soon” Costume Equation

Nope. It’s Halloween: Everything is fall-flavored, the booze is mixed with candy, and we make obligatory Mean Girls references about the sensibilities of our costumes. You’re about to head out for the night when you think to yourself, “Wait, should I really be wearing this?”

No, it’s not your skimpy, slutty nurse outfit (that’s mine, thank you very much): It’s your questionably PC costume. Political scandal, natural disasters, celebrities after a glorious and messy downward spiral of heroin—these and slutty outfits make up the (pumpkin) bread and butter of Halloween.

But what’s too far? If you’re like me and really bad at making good choices always when drunk, we here at BlogDH have got you covered. In a completely scientific and rigorous process, we’ve come up with a nifty formula to determine whether your Dalai-Lama-saying-“Fuck-It” is indeed too soon (don’t worry: it’s not).

Behold, the “Too Soon” Acceptability Equation:

No, reading this does not count as math homework.

Where insensitivity, cleverness, and fame are measured on a scale from 1-10, and horribleness being measured from 1-100.

Let’s give this formula a good old try. Here are some examples of calculations to help you determine where your costume falls on the social acceptability scale:

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Your Hurricane Sandy (Cohen) Update: No classes…again!

Four-day Halloweekend? Yes. The weather gods have spoken. There will be no classes on Tuesday, October 30. Thank you, Margaret Klawunn. HYFR!

Sextion: Five Halloween costume hookup faux pas

With all the coverage on Hurricane Sandy (Cohen), I’m hoping none of you forgot that this Wednesday is perhaps the most important night of our Brown careers: Halloween Whisko ON HALLOWEEN. Y’all get it, I’m sure, Blog is obsessed with Halloween. But not to worry, so am I! I love the costumes, the candy, the spooky (but not too scary) movies! It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

But sometimes many of us, myself included, struggle to come up with a costume that is unique but also appealing. Halloweekend is another weekend, after all, and many of us use that time to blow off some steam and hook up with people. And while many of the ladies can take any costume idea and make it sexy (like, weirdly enough, Brian from Family Guy), both men and women struggle to make sure their costumes are “hook-up-able.” That is, not too awkward, uncomfortable, or challenging to hook up in. We want to be innovative, but we don’t want to take away our ability to get with that cute someone dancing in the corner dressed up as a giraffe.

Here are some tips if you’re looking to hook up with someone this Halloween but you don’t want your costume to stand in your way. Avoid these five common costume faux pas and you should be on your way to a sexy Halloween:

1. Intense face paint: This one comes from personal experience. If you’re anything like me, you’re not the most creative when it comes to costumes, and your cat ears have been a go-to since high school. Continue Reading

Want to be famous? This could be you

Can you believe it? You too can achieve this level of Brown stardom: last year’s costume contest winners are shown here “posing” in costume with Brown’s organ in a post about the University’s age-old Halloween tradition. Of course, this was just one of several posts in which this Ben & Jerry’s crew was featured. So when you’re pregaming tonight, instead of fishing for compliments about how great your costume is (please, you already know it’s killer), have your biddies snap a photo and send it in to blog@browndailyherald.com with your first name, first initial of your last name, class year, and a brief description of your costume to be entered in our costume contest. If you win, your costume photo will be featured in every single one of our posts on Friday, November 2.  A star will be born.

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