A Misanthrope’s Guide to the Movies: “Halloweentown”


This Halloweek, I decided to re-watch one of our generation’s all-time favorite Disney Channel Original Movies: Halloweentown. I remembered very little about the actual plot or characters in this movie, but I did remember loving it and believing it to be one of the few films in history with sequels actually worth watching. However, as I sat down to re-watch the film, I was overcome with a deep sense of dread that, like so many of my favorite childhood things before it, revisitation years later would lead me to the recognition that the movie was, in fact, not as cool as I once thought (I’m looking at you, ponchos).

Fortunately, my fears were 100% misplaced. Halloweentown was, and remains, one of the greatest Halloween movies of all time. Sure the plot made little to no sense, but would you really want your Disney Channel Original Movie any other way? For those who don’t remember, check out a brief plot summary after the jump. Continue Reading