Anti-Wish List: A do not want list of gifts


With finals finally over, a lot of us have made it back home for the holidays to be with friends, family, and our own, personal shower (you mean I don’t have to wear flip flops in it?). And whether you like it or not, tis the season for the anxiety inducing question: what do you want? Perhaps you’re the type who doesn’t care for a gift or the type to choose something from the Blog’s holiday gift list, or the type who prefers the homemade route. Or, maybe you just don’t know. Instead of going the traditional route of compiling a holiday gift list, the Blog has compiled a do not want list.

A Fitness Tracker


Do I want to be reminded of how rarely I go for a run? Do I really want something on my wrist to tell me exactly how many calories worth of Andrews pizza I have consumed? I already know the answer: an amount that would worry even an eleven year old.

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Ready, set, (winter) break!

We’ve had a great semester up here on the Hill, but it’s time for us to pack up, head on home, and have some quality bonding time with our couches. We’ll be posting periodically throughout the break, so check back for updates. Remember to keep sending news, tips, and suggestions to, and shoot us an email if you’re interested in joining our squad in the spring.

Happy Holidays (!), enjoy your break, and we’ll see y’all in 2013.