Say goodbye to the Harlem Shake

Red Bull has officially declared that the Harlem Shake is dead. We know, we know, this cultural sensation was sooo two weeks ago, but why not throw a send-off party for this phenomenon before it’s officially put to rest? Let’s take this time to highlight some of the Harlem Shake’s more memorable moments on Brown’s campus. When the day comes and your kids say to you, “Mom, Dad, what’s the Harlem Shake?” you can turn to Blog, open up this post, and say, “Kids, this was the Harlem Shake.” Let the videos speak for themselves.

Once the movement began infecting our seven continent planet, it, of course, made its way to Brown, inspiring some of our very own to create and post videos to YouTube. Here are a few videos that’ll give you a taste of what went on around the Brown campus in the last few weeks (after the jump).

The Jabberwocks of Brown University edition:

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Thursday on Wriston: Harlem Shake meets Brown

The semester has been underway for a couple weeks now, shopping period has come and gone, and you’re probably deciding on which classes to take S/NC. Pretty soon midterms will start (if they haven’t already) and it’ll seem like there’s little time left to relax. In the midst of this, sometimes the stress can feel overwhelming. As a result, sometimes ya just gotta shake it out. Introducing the Harlem Shake: Brown Edition, our very own chance to be famous on YouTube relieve stress and make an epic video.

You might ask, “What is the Harlem Shake?” For those who are less familiar, I think it’s best to show and not tell:

1) Harlem Shake (Army Style). What else does the Norwegian Army have to do?

2) Harlem Shake (Portuguese TV Show). Getting weird.

3) Harlem Shake (Firefighters). I’m changing my future profession.

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