Not a football fan? There’s always Puppy Bowl X


Happy Super Bowl Sunday! It’s your natural right to watch football, drink beer, and eat snacks today, because sports. But what if that football involved the snuggliest little puppy babies in lieu of the rough-and-tumble nature of professional football? Totally kosher.

Enter Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl X: it’s like Heavy Petting, but with “football.” In its tenth year, the Puppy Bowl is the greatest alternative to American football—instead of 300-hundred pound linebackers, the most adorable rescue pups frolic compete on a football field. This game has the same characteristics as a typical football game, but with an adorable twist: puppy penalties, touchdowns, a lot of fumbles (it’s a lot harder when you don’t have opposable thumbs), and the Bissel Kitten Halftime Show, at which an actual kitten will be “performing.”

Tune into Animal Planet at 3 p.m. (or live-stream it here) for your yearly dosage of cute—if you’re a doglover (guilty), or if you’re a Pats fan and just really hate Peyton Manning (also guilty), you can find comfort in these puppies duking it out and leaving nothing on the field (…we hope). Find some of the puppies competing in today’s contest after the jump.  Continue Reading

Overheard at Super Heavy Petting


Confused by why masses of students were acting like new mothers and fathers on Wriston Quad yesterday? No, it wasn’t the morning after SPG: it was Super Heavy Petting. If you missed out on the petting zoo, BlogDH is here to give you a recap of what went down, complete with pictures so you can do some virtual “heavy petting” at home. And for those of you whose maternal or paternal instincts kicked in as you swooned over baby farm animals, we’re ready to help with your separation anxiety. Observing Super Heavy Petting was like watching an episode of Toddlers & Tiaras… except the toddlers were baby animals, the tiaras were their diapers, and the overbearing parents were overworked college students. It was just as dramatic, and we heard just as many quotable lines. Following is a play-by-play of the event, with some of the best “Overheard at Brown” quotes ever:

12:22 – First signs of activity on Wriston. Three people carrying cages emerge.

12:25 – Students passing by begin to notice. Many mosey on over.

12:26 – Behold the chicken that lives amongst the bunnies. Does the chicken think he’s a bunny or do the bunnies think they’re chickens? Continue Reading

6 stress-relievers that will get you through your finals


No matter how hard you study—or how hard you plan on studying (because you can always start reviewing those pesky equations after just one more GoT episode, right?)—finals are rarely a pleasant experience. For years, they have besieged poor college students and made us question our purpose in life. Alas, they are unavoidable parts of college life, like sleep-deprivation and lack of clean undergarments.

But, hold on to your knickers, because I just may have found the fail-proof formula for going into your finals feeling as confident as ever, and it doesn’t involve opening a single textbook.

1. Print out this picture of Bill Clinton in a fedora.

If you plan on frequently studying in your room, print out this picture of Bill Clinton and hang it over your work desk. If you plan on hitting the library, still print out this picture and take it wherever you may go. Keep it safe, keep it sound, and keep it close to your heart. This picture is the quintessential embodiment of cool. I mean, just look at it! Can you say GQ Man of the Year? One glance at it and you’ll feel an instant surge of badassery through your veins. Allow it to fill you with a feeling of invincibility, because if Bill Clinton in a fedora can’t inspire you, you’re a lost soul. Continue Reading

Puppies on puppies on puppies (on the Green)


Avoid dark clothing and bring a lint brush because these pups are back and ready to snuggle! Come to the Main Green today, April 30 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. for Heavy Petting (Ed.-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) with Brown faculty members and their pups. Prepare yourselves for some good ol’ fluffy fun. If you can’t make it, enjoy this corgi on stilts. We’ll see you there!

Image via.

When I say “Heavy,” you say “Petting”

Snow White is HAWT

L-R: Dopey, Bashful, Doc, Sleepy, Sneezy, Happy, Grumpy, and BearDailySnowWhite

Disclaimer: This is not a post by a sophomore literary arts concentrator who uses Heavy Petting as a lens to determine whether or not she’s ready for motherhood.

Bring out that lint brush, Brunonia. Just when you thought the pre-Spring Week work rush couldn’t get any more hectic, Health Services has handed us an effective way to shelve our stress. Heavy Petting will take place (weather permitting) on the Main Green tomorrow, April 11 from 11:30 a.m.–1 p.m.

Puppies! Professors! Petting (of the former, not the latter)! Poodles! Ferrets on steroids that look like poodles! Well…not that. But golden retrievers, please.

TL;DR: PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A Thousand Words: Super Heavy Petting

Confused by the hordes of students crowding Wriston as you were leaving the Ratty today? Unsure as to why everyone you saw was smiling so much they were nearly in tears? Today the 2015 Class Board organized Super Heavy Petting on Wriston Quad, complete with bunnies, chicks, pigs, and a goat in a diaper. Check out the pictures of our furry friends below.

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