Nostalgia Trip: Rap of Our Tweenhood

Remember middle school dances? The ones where no one really knew how to grind yet and just kinda danced around in circles? We were young, naïve, and just wanted to have a good time, albeit an awkward time. We were tweens. Maybe it’s because college makes me feel old, but recently I’ve been remembering those middle school days and rediscovering some of the great/funny rap songs of not-so-long ago. Here are a few helpful suggestions for some classic pre-game music this weekend. Enjoy the nostalgia and the ridiculous music videos.

Jagged Edge feat Nelly “Where the Party At”

Don’t you just wish you could parachute yourself onto a beach resort sometimes? Where is that Bacardi anyway?  Continue Reading

The Herald’s Senior Survey


As graduation looms nearer and nearer (ahhhhhhhhhh!), it’s time to tell us how you really feel about your four years at Brown.

Ever wonder how many of your classmates have done the SciLi Challenge? How many sexual partners everyone has had? Would you still choose Brown today? What is your favorite Brown memory?

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