Brown ranks 4th in list of top 10 LGBT-friendly colleges

HuffPo published its list of LGBT friendly colleges yesterday via Unigo, and Brown came in at a fabulous number 4.

Let’s be honest: Nobody’s really surprised.

We have a rainbow flag hanging on the Main Green. We counter-protest. We’re the school with a badass Queer Alliance that throws SPG, hosted IvyQ last year, and generally makes the campus a delicious alphabet soup of queer activism.

It is nice to get the recognition, especially since this is up from last year’s Daily Beast rating, which put us at a paltry 9.

(Plus, we’re the only Ivy to make the list. While we shouldn’t be petty—suck that, New Haven!)

­And by the way, HuffPo, it’s LGBTQ. Let’s be inclusive here.

HuffPo Poll: Brown makes hottest college list

Aw yeah. Huffington Post showed College Hill some love today, publishing Brown on the list of Hottest Colleges in the Nation.

Unfortunately it wasn’t a list of sexiest colleges (I don’t know what their polling methods were, but we are not less attractive than Princeton, thank you very much). Instead, in the words of Inside College, we’re “the place to be.”

I’m not quite sure what that means exactly, but hey, who am I to question their “panel of experts”? Go Bruno!

Happy HuffPo Halloween!

Sorry, Zack. See it for yourself here. C’mon, you’re not paying attention in lecture, anyway.

Brown gets it in…safely

Despite a rough midterm period, Brown aced the Trojan Sexual Health Report Card. According to the Trojan list (via HuffPo), Brown is the 4th most sexually healthy college in America. Coincidence that SexPowerGod is right around the corner? You decide.

Study break of the day: May 2, 2011

With the start of reading period, we’re going to be bringing you Study Breaks, instead of the usual time-wasters. Study breaks are designed to waste more time than a time-waster, for when you just can’t stand to read another page of your textbook or write another sentence of your paper.

HuffPo certainly was subtle

Unless you were living under a rock (or in the Rock) last night, you’ve doubtless already heard that Osama Bin Laden is dead. But that doesn’t mean you’ve already heard enough about it, right? We’re going to bring you the kind of analysis only BlogDailyHerald could provide (or link to) after the jump. Continue Reading

Brown named to list of 10 most intellectual colleges

We’ve already heard that Brown is the happiest school in the nation. Now, according to the Huffington Post, it’s also one of the most intellectual. The HuffPo cites a study carried out by the college advice website, which relies on student surveys to create profiles of American schools. Brown shares the honor with liberal arts colleges like Reed and Wesleyan, as well as the University of Chicago.

Will this serve to cement Brown’s reputation as the douchiest school in America or, like so many college ranking lists, fall into obscurity, only to be picked up by overzealous high school students on College Confidential? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.