The GCB is kind of a big deal

Yeah, OK, so we knew that already. Whatever. But isn’t it nice to get some positive reinforcement once in a while?

Men’s Health magazine went out in the field, got its hands dirty and rated the best college beer bars across the United States. Our beloved Grad Center Bar made the cut for both its “uniqueness” and its beer list.

Unsurprisingly, HuffPost College decided to make a pretty slideshow to supplement these ratings… or, more likely, to give road-tripping inebriates planning to hit all 20 bars some clear, unambiguous visual aids for their respective journeys. The GCB is the first bar listed on that slideshow, but not to worry — this exposure doesn’t necessarily mean that our favorite clandestine bar will be invaded by tourists in the near future. Looks like HuffPost College is trying to help a bro out and keep the location of GCB under wraps. The GCB’s so legit that it even has its own decoy.

Robinson Hall? Really, HuffPost? Econ isn’t thaaat much of a joke at Brown. OK, so maybe not the best decoy. But we still envision several impending “this isn’t where I parked my car” interactions with Prof. Friedberg & Co… and perhaps some lessons in Beerconomics. Lesson one: Beer and pizza are perfect complements.