6 stress-relievers that will get you through your finals


No matter how hard you study—or how hard you plan on studying (because you can always start reviewing those pesky equations after just one more GoT episode, right?)—finals are rarely a pleasant experience. For years, they have besieged poor college students and made us question our purpose in life. Alas, they are unavoidable parts of college life, like sleep-deprivation and lack of clean undergarments.

But, hold on to your knickers, because I just may have found the fail-proof formula for going into your finals feeling as confident as ever, and it doesn’t involve opening a single textbook.

1. Print out this picture of Bill Clinton in a fedora.

If you plan on frequently studying in your room, print out this picture of Bill Clinton and hang it over your work desk. If you plan on hitting the library, still print out this picture and take it wherever you may go. Keep it safe, keep it sound, and keep it close to your heart. This picture is the quintessential embodiment of cool. I mean, just look at it! Can you say GQ Man of the Year? One glance at it and you’ll feel an instant surge of badassery through your veins. Allow it to fill you with a feeling of invincibility, because if Bill Clinton in a fedora can’t inspire you, you’re a lost soul. Continue Reading