What Your Hell-Week Says About Which Starbucks Drink You Should Get

Sans Meal Plan: No money? No problem!

After a lovely week of sunshine, fried fish, and endless mudslides (the yummy kind, not the scary kind), we all find ourselves back on College Hill greeted by midterms and 40-degree temperatures. As the end of the semester fast approaches (#SeniorSpring #whatclasses), students who are either on or off meal plan are probably finding themselves in similar rock-and-a-hard-place situations. For those reliant on the Sharpe Refectory for nutrition and Jo’s for naughty food unmentionables, that special time of the semester when meal credits are starting to dwindle and flex points are virtually nonexistent has now arrived. For those of us off meal plan, the funds that were allocated for grocery shopping, whether from one’s own bank account or from the Rentals’, are somehow frighteningly tiny. But, luckily for myself and for starving college students everywhere (#firstworldproblems), there are ways to make the dollar stretch without eating from a fast food value menu all of the time. Continue Reading