ICMYI: Some superlatives from the Late Night with Seth Meyers premiere


With his premiere last night, Seth Meyers has officially taken the reigns of the Late Night dynasty. Moving into Studio 8G (right next door to Saturday Night Live’s Studio 8H), Meyers has found a way to merge elements of your standard late night talk show with material typical of his former post as anchor of SNL‘s Weekend Update. With his best friend Amy Poehler and Vice President Joe Biden as guests, Meyers ushered in a solid set of laughs and kicked off his tenure as host of Late Night.

In case you were busy studying for midterms and didn’t catch it live, here are the premiere’s highlights in superlatives:

Best Throwback to Saturday Night Live

Playing to his strengths, Meyers will probably continue using the traditional Weekend Update structure and snark in his monologue. Though it was funny and topical, it struggled between being a monologue, Weekend Update, and a stand-up performance.

Best Reunion

This was a hard call with reunions abound: Meyers and Fred Armisen (who is leading the Studio 8G band and ruling life), Meyers and Poehler (who were in the same SNL class in 2001), and Poehler and Biden.

Most Innovative New Television Show

Armisen said that on top of curating the band and filming Portlandia, he is also producing a show on the History Channel called “Recent History.” It examines events that happened just an hour or so before, but looks at them “with a historical spin, very serious, very dry.” It comes on at 6 or 7 a.m., but he leaves it up to the network to decide.

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