Amuse-Bouche: Succotash

If you’re a fan of Thayer Street’s Coco Pazzo and English Cellar Alehouse, you should check out Sorbo Restaurant Group’s third and most-recent culinary opening, Succotash. I tried the new bruncheonette over Family Weekend and was pleasantly impressed. President Paxson was even noshing a few tables away from me; I unfortunately failed to see what she ordered.

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 6.33.22 PM

The atmosphere was reminiscent of Sorbo Restaurant Group’s other joints—a mix of high tables, cozy booths, wall-sized mirrors, and friendly service. If you were sad to The Apartment—a restaurant and bar frequented by many upperclassmen last spring—close and Succotash take its place, you’ll be comforted by the old space’s preservation. Yes, you can dig in to a stack of berry pancakes with cinnamon maple syrup on the former stage or order a fresh-squeezed juice from the old bar. Continue Reading

Lessons in the ‘Girls’ Lexicon: “Sexit”

sexit Sexit (n.): Well, in Hannah’s words: “To leave a party or another event to go have sex.” Depending on circumstances, this can either be an exhilarating covert operation filled with seductive hiding and passionate whispering, or the most awkward situation imaginable.

How it’s used in the show: The episode opens with Hannah basking in her own genius over the creation of a phrase she believes could go as “completely viral” as the term bootycall: Sexit. Lena really handed this one to us on a silver platter, which she probably stole from Patrick Wilson’s super awesome Greenpoint townhouse. Although Ray shoots her “brilliance” down with a quick Urban Dictionary search on his phone (why does Ray have a smartphone?), Hannah brings up a very interesting point: What’s the best way to bail on a social situation to bang, specifically in our own Brunonian world?

Place: Whisco
Time: 12:00 a.m.
Discreet sexit feasibility: EASY

Here’s an example of entry-level sexiting. At this point in the night, you and your desired sexual partner have probably ditched your respective group of friends, and are either aggressively making out on the dance floor or secluded in a corner of the patio. Leaving da club discreetly should not be that hard. If you’re worried about ditching your friends without saying bye (which honestly defeats the purpose of a sexit), shoot them a text once you’ve already left. Nothing puts the kibosh on a sexit like your belligerent roommate begging you not to leave without her. Continue Reading