This week at the Avon: ‘In A World’

If you have a chance before Friday, you should actuallattempt to catch a showing of In a World… at the Avon. The film won Best Screenplay at Sundance this year, and tells a sweet coming-of-age (in your 30s) story of a woman desperate to break into the voiceover industry, in which her father is already a huge star. Lake Bell starred in, wrote, and directed the film, whose title stems from the commonly used phrase in movie trailers. Bell’s directorial debut, In a World… has a pretty fantastic balance of cutesy-realistic love story, eccentric but well-written family dynamic, and feel-good female empowerment moments. You could call the film formulaic, but regardless, when you get the elements of the formula down so well, you end up with a great result.

Bell has a familiar face. She has made appearances in many a mediocre romantic comedy during the last few years (the awkward girl in No Strings Attached, the crazy second wife in It’s Complicated, the best friend in What Happens in Vegas), but perhaps most importantly, she was the love interest/female lead in HBO’s short-lived but critically acclaimed How to Make it in America. 

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