FlogDailyHerald: Here’s a poem about how terrible today’s weather was

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Dear Rhode Island weather,
please get your shit together.
You’re ruining my ‘do,
and messing with my attitude.
Don’t taunt us with the promise of Spring,
when we really don’t know what tomorrow may bring.
Oh, wait—I know…
Rain, and snow, and terrors untold.
No, I’m not exaggerating.
You truly are exasperating.

So for fuck’s sake,
give us a break.

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How to stay slightly drier in the rain

Despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of Brown students are “very happy” with their decision to be here, we highly doubt many would rave about the weather.  We here at BlogDH understand that April showers are supposed to bring May flowers, but this is getting ridiculous.  Since there is little to no chance that Providence weather will ever improve, we figured we would share a few pointers from an MIT professor on how to avoid getting drenched if you don’t have an umbrella.  Bottom line — if you move faster and lean your body forward, you actually have a better chance of staying dry.  To see the physics behind this phenomenon, watch the oddly fascinating 18-minute lecture after the jump.

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Record January Snowfall?

TF Green has seen over 20 in. this month alone / ProJo

Hope you remembered your Bean Boots! According to the ProJo, the National Weather Service predicts that this month is on track to becoming the third snowiest January on record, surpassing January 1948’s snowfall of 31.9 inches. While the accumulation as of Tuesday is more than ten inches less than the current placeholder, the snowy forecast for the next few days could bridge the gap (assuming the meteorologists aren’t a bunch of flakes). Regardless, the 21.6 inches thus far is almost three times greater than the state’s average snowfall for the month. Let’s just be grateful we aren’t up in Ithaca, where snowfall averages over 24 in. each January.