(Campus)Lifehacker: Waffle cake at the V-Dub

How do we even begin to explain waffle cake? We can’t. When I am an 80-year-old looking back fondly at my days at Brown,  I will remember this waffle cake. This is simply something you must try for yourself. The V-Dub holds endless possibilities. Here’s how to make your very own. (You’re welcome.)

1.  Get a mug. Any mug will do!

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You should really follow us on Instagram

That’s right—we’ve hopped on the Instagram train. While we can’t decide if this move makes us hip or too mainstream, you can nonetheless get a glimpse into the happenings and goings-on in Brunonia and on College Hill… but through any number of Instagram filters. Follow us @blogdailyherald. You won’t be disappointed.

Our pic(k)s: The Halloweek of Sandy (Cohen)

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Guess what? We’ve finally hopped on the Instagram train. Follow us at @blogdailyherald to get a glimpse into happenings and goings-on at Brown and on College Hill through an Instagram filter. If you see anything pic-worthy, snap it and send it to blog@browndailyherald.com or tag us on Instagram @blogdailyherald and we’ll give you the photo cred. 

Chow Down Brown: Rattygram

“A cold drip dark roast with farm fresh milk and 2 equals for sweetness.”

These days, people are Instagramming their food almost as often as they are, well, eating it. I dare you to go out to any kind of restaurant, be it Al Forno or East Side Pockets, and not see at least one person pull out his/her smart phone during the meal to snap a pic of whatever food is on his/her plate. You might overhear such exclamations as, “Oh my god, this grilled chicken looks so much better in black and white,” or even, “Dude, just look how dank this burrito looks through the Toaster filter. SO DANK!”

Though food Instagrams have the potential to take a disastrous turn for the worst, two Brown students are hoping to provide us with some original nom-worthy shots… and some comedy, too. Rattygram is the newest Instagram brainchild of two Brown sophomores who snap pics under the pseudonyms of Alfred and Harrison. A feed of “semi-daily delicacies hand-picked by Harrison and Afred,” Rattygram is a depository of gastronomic images that showcases these two roomies’ escapades at the Ratty, and of course, at CFF, during which they gain some edible and artistic inspiration. I decided to sit down with them to better understand the origins of Rattygram. Learn what gets this pair’s culinary juices flowing after the jump.

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Techaccino Tuesdays: Instagram bought by Facebook

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In a relatively surprising move, Mark Zuckerberg announced yesterday that Facebook plans to buy photo-sharing site Instagram for $1 billion. (Did you really think they would go public just to make some cash?) Since it went live in October 2010, Instagram has garnered over 30 million users (most of whom are already on Facebook) and multiple “App of the Year” awards thanks to its ease of use and hamster stylized photos. By joining forces with the largest social networking (and photo sharing!) website, it hopes to expand its user base and bask in share Facebook’s revenue.

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