TRaNsMOGRifiCATiON underway at Granoff


If you have walked past or wandered through Granoff this week, you may have heard some strange noises and buzzing coming from the Cohen Gallery during the day, or have seen people tinkering inside late at night through the gallery’s large front windows. This is the TRaNsMOGRifiER, running in Granoff until Tuesday, March 3rd. Information on the project’s website and on the monitor outside the gallery are terse, with a few simple instructions:




I was granted special access to witness a transmogrification session this past week, and was able to talk with one of the TRaNsMOGRifiER’s installers, P—-, about the project’s concept and the transmogrification process. P—- describes the TRaNsMOGRifiER as a “system for altering things in surprising ways, with sonic, light, and visual components.” People bring in objects during the day and leave them in the Intake boxes. When the gallery closes at sundown, transmogrification goes into work. By the next morning, objects are back on the pedestals in their transmogrified form. P—- describes the cardboard box, a repeated motif in the space, as a “space for creative reconsideration” – objects are left at Intake and revealed the next day, but what goes on in between is not entirely certain.

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Alums who do cool things: Orly Genger ’01 returns to Brown for installation, You

Orly Genger '01, with her 2013 piece Red, Yellow and Blue in Madison Square Park, NYC

Orly Genger ’01, with her 2013 piece Red, Yellow and Blue in Madison Square Park, NYC

Orly Genger ’01 has returned to campus for her newest site-specific installation, You. This 250-foot-long recycled lobster rope sculpture will transform the Quiet Green between University Hall and the Van Winkle Gates. The installation will be completed this Thursday, and the piece will remain on view through Summer 2015.

Orly, based in New York, is known for her large-scale hand-knotted rope installations. After receiving her BA from Brown in 2001, Orly went on to receive her post-baccalaureate degree from the Art Institute of Chicago in 2002. Orly’s large-scale work has been displayed in the Indianapolis Museum of Art, MASS MoCA, and The Contemporary Austin. Orly’s largest installation to date, Red, Yellow and Blue, was installed at NYC’s Madison Square Park in May 2013, made out of 1.4 million feet of hand-crocheted rope.

Blog chatted with Genger as she worked on the project’s installation earlier this week:

BlogDH: What was the creative process like for this project? How did the collaboration with Brown start?

Genger: Brown approached me to come and do a piece here, so I came back, which has been a pleasure. I walked around and picked a location, and then drew out some ideas. This rope was originally from Red, Yellow and Blue, which was then made into a piece on the Chicago lakefront, and is now in its third life here.

BlogDH: What drew you to this location, out of the ones you surveyed?

Genger: There were a few options. This one seemed the best because I liked the amount of foot traffic in this spot, as well as the significance of being by the Gates. The proximity to the art department was also nice, because I spent so much of my time there and walked through this green so often as a student.

BlogDH: What was your experience at Brown like?

Genger: Brown for me was completely crucial to where I am today. If I didn’t have the experiences that I had at Brown, I don’t know if I’d be doing what I’m doing now. It created a real comfort zone to experiment and to try things that maybe otherwise I wouldn’t have tried. It gave me the space I needed to become an artist.

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