A guide to Thanksgiving for International students


“I can’t wait to go home,” seems to be the constant refrain of Brown students as Thanksgiving draws nearer and nearer. However, some of us will have to wait longer before going back home. I am of course talking about the wonderful International student body at Brown.

As some of us come from across several seas and timezones, going back home over Thanksgiving isn’t always possible. But five days of vacation can still be put to good use. What follows is a list of things to do over the Thanksgiving break so Internationals can celebrate in their own way, without feeling left out.

  1. Visit your relatives living nearby. Your home away from home. If you have relatives living nearby, be sure to visit them over Thanksgiving. Not only will you get to eat “home food” again, but you can also practice speaking your native language again, which probably will have gotten a bit rusty with all these months abroad. Continue Reading