Holiday food, globally defined



                Thanksgiving in a nutshell

Thanksgiving for a number of college students was a chance to have a bit of familial comfort and a respite from the Ratty/Vdub experiences to instead indulge in pumpkin pie, apple pie, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and everything autumnal and awesome. But of course, not everyone at Brown celebrated Thanksgiving or ate Thanksgiving food; BlogDailyHerald went straight to the source and asked a few international students to share their own favorite holiday foods. We posed a survey to the international community at Brown and here are some of the answers we got:

For those looking to mix up the obscene amount of chocolate eaten during the holiday season (hello, winter break ’15), José Soria ’19 of Madrid, Spain,  has your alternative. Jose loves turrón, which he describes simply as “super Spanish.” Turrón is essentially a blank canvas for your sweet tooth dreams. Any variation of a block of egg whites, sugar, and honey is considered turrón, and add-ins typically include nuts and chocolate. (Side note: when I lived in Spain my host family had a basket of turrón on the table for three months surrounding Christmas and it was beautiful.)


For Ian Cheung ’16, of Hong Kong, his favorite holiday food is tang yuan, which is “composed of these little balls of glutinous rice filled with black sesame, in a kind of soup broth.” In addition to being delicious, tang yuan has sentimental value for Ian because “‘it’s a very non-Western sweet food that symbolizes family union,” and reminds him of visiting relatives and family gatherings in Taiwan when he was a kid. It also has the added bonus of being hilarious to eat, because according to Ian, tang yuan is super chewy and often leaves lots of black sesame seeds between your teeth.




    Does that not look ridiculously fun to eat?

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Music for studying: International edition

With midterms on midterms on midterms upon us, choosing the right study music is crucial. Sometimes the best music for takin’ care of business, believe it or not, is in a language you might not understand. This way, you can jam to the beats without allowing the lyrics to take you on five-minute daydreams to musings of your yesteryear. Here are some awesome songs in languages you may not understand!

Afrikaans: Die Antwoord means “the answer” in Afrikaans and is a rave-rap group hailing from South Africa. Apparently, Lady Gaga was interested in collaborating with them, and they responded with a song entitled, “Fatty Boom Boom.” Using basic deductive reasoning skills and this line from the fourth verse which says, “Suddenly you’re interested cause we’re blowing up over seas, making money, money, money yes, yes, yes zef side represent you’re f**ckin’ with the best,” you can guess that they’re weren’t so down to collaborate. The lyrics aren’t so nice, but hey, it’s catchy. This song is mostly in English, with some Afrikaans scattered here and there.

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