BruNews Round-up: September 22

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Domestic: Twelve victims were killed and several others were injured by a gunman on Monday, September 16, in the Washington D.C. Navy Yard. The gunman became psychologically unstable in the period before the attack. He reported to Rhode Island police that he was being followed, and that his alleged stalker was sending microwave vibrations to keep him from sleeping and sending voices through the ceiling and walls of his hotel room. He visited hospitals twice over the following weeks and was prescribed sleeping medication. The gunman sought psychological help from the Veteran’s Association, which described him as “alert and oriented” and exhibiting no signs of wishing to do harm. Despite these well-documented issues, he was still able to legally purchase a shotgun in Virginia. This tragic event has shed more light and added more salience to the debate on gun control and treatment of mental illness in the United States. (New York Times, CBS News, Los Angeles Times.)

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