Techaccino Tuesdays: iSwag for your iPad

HHH iPad

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By now, you’ve already either received/purchased an iPad or heard about it from your friends enough to know that there are a million and a half things to do with it. (If not, check this out!) (By the way, I’m talking here about Apple’s tablet, unlike the AP…) From note taking to airplane crashing to star gazing, there really isn’t a lot more out there we could ask it to do. But let’s think outside the box…What about that 30-pin connector at the bottom or the Bluetooth capability? Sure you can connect it to your computer, a wireless keyboard, or (if you’re lazy and have money to waste) your digital camera, but imagine all the possibilities…So stop shopping at censoring Apple Stores, and let’s take a gander inside the intertubes to find how you should actually be using your iPad. Continue Reading

Techaccino Tuesdays: The “New” iPad

Decide for yourself!

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As you may or may not know, Apple previewed “The new iPad” last Wednesday in San Francisco, roughly one year after releasing the iPad 2. Starting at $499 and available in stores Friday (or, realistically, Monday, if you’d rather not pitch a tent), it’ll compete not only with some strong Android tablets (RIP Touchpad), but also with the now-defunct “iPad 2” which will be reduced to $399 (minimum). Regardless of the potentially endless debate on the name choice, most of the realistic rumors out there came true! Therefore, we believe it is our duty to tell you whether you should consider buying one or not. All you need to do is go through the flowchart above to find which group you belong to, then check out the corresponding section after the jump. Continue Reading

Publishers to Build eTextbooks for iPad

Despite being incredibly cool, Apple’s iPad is having trouble attracting consumers.  That being said, the iPad could prove practical to students in one very important way- bringing textbooks and other class materials to your fingertips in a cool, easy manner.  Major textbook publishers (McGraw-Hill, Kaplan, etc.) have already signed on to begin developing versions of their products for the iPad as well as looking for new ways to adapt textbooks to this new interface.  One potential beneficial result of this might be a drop in the astronomical price of textbooks, although if we had to guess, the publishers will attempt to do anything in their power to stop that (insert evil laugh here). Source: Mashable

Matt Klimerman