BlogDH Explains Orientation: Organ you glad I didn’t say banana?

The Suzuki Method: Funk Edition

A key part of embracing your new identity as a Brown student is learning to love things you never thought you could love: Coffee milk, 9 a.m. section, and snow sculptures, among others. Monday at midnight be prepared to add to that list “crushingly loud organ recitals.” (If you already have that on your list, stop lying, you only wrote that down for your personal essay to get into this place.)  The Sayles organ, a monstrous fell beast of an instrument, was gifted to the university in 1903, and has been rocking the campus during midnight concerts ever since. Played by genius Mark Steinbach, resident Lecturer of Music, Instrument Curator, and University Organist, the primordial pipes and the building that houses them play host to hundreds of blanket clad students every year during a handful of witching-hour performances (the Halloween edition is especially spooky). Bring pillows, bring popcorn, bring your brand-new freshman soul mates (Perkins kids, we’re looking at you) and experience one of Brown’s most unique gatherings. Rumor has it Steinbach will branch out into Hammonds and Moogs next year…

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