“Operation Ivy League”

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What a week our fellow Ivy Columbia is having…

Multiple news sources are reporting that the NYPD have arrested 5 Columbia students for dealing drugs as the conclusion of a 5-month long investigation dubbed “Operation Ivy League.”

For complete details and continuing coverage of the situation, be sure to check out Columbia’s student run blog, Blog Daily Columbia BWOG.


Some traditions are better kept in the past

Diversity-appreciation is not quite as old as the university itself…

“A popular college song of the late 1910s went:
‘Oh, Harvard’s run by millionaires
And Yale is run by booze
Cornell is run by farmers’ sons
Columbia’s run by Jews
So give a cheer for Baxter Street
Another one for Pell
And when the little sheenies die
Their souls will go to hell.'”

For more information on anti-semitism in the university, read Joining the Club: A History of Jews and Yale by Dan Oren or Jerome Karabel’s The Chosen.

Japanese-sponsored nostalgia for non-hipster fashion

Tired of all the sweatpants and pajama bottoms, super-skinny jeans and plaid shirts? Ready for a return to a more classic, preppy style?

Take your inspiration from Take Ivy, a Japanese book featuring candid photos of people (okay, men) on Ivy League campuses, originally published in 1965. It became a big hit in Japan in the ’60s, as people started to imitate the Ivy League preppy style. The book was reprinted at the end of August, and may be seeing a bit of popularity. There certainly are a lot of people writing about it. Jack Spade is even creating a Take Ivy Kit, featuring a preppy shirt, a book strap, and a copy of the book. (Don’t worry, we secretly want one too.)

Maybe we’ll see a resurgence of the preppy style? Let’s hope so.

Shopping suggestions? Insistence on continued hipsterism? Tell us in the comments!

Brown football predicted third in league

Brown’s football team has placed third in a poll of reporters who frequently cover Ivy League football meant to predict the standings for this fall season. Brown received no first place votes.

Harvard is predicted to win the championship, followed in the rankings by defending champion UPenn.

Harvard’s coach is ready to take the championship again. Are we gonna let them sail to victory (or tie) again?!?

A lot of Brown students may not care a lot about sports, but we can’t share victory with Harvard (or Penn, for that matter)!

Go Bears! or something…

The Ivy ‘Madness’ continues

Remember 1979? With No. 12 Cornell’s upset victory today over No. 5 Temple in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, an Ivy League team has a shot to go past the second round for the first time in 31 years.  In that year’s tournament, Penn made it all the way to the Final Four after a huge second-round upset of Dean Smith’s No. 1 North Carolina Tar Heels. Still, eventual winner Michigan State—who had some guy named Earvin “Magic” Johnson—smoked Penn in the Final Four by 34 points. Since then, five Ivies have made it to the second round only to bow out. The Big Red will have a chance to avoid that fate on Sunday against the winner of the Wisconsin-Wofford game.

UPDATE: Wofford fell just short against UWisc. Looks like there will be a lot of red at the Cornell game.