Study spaces: what’s hot and what’s not


Although it feels somewhat unclear if winter is actually coming (see: 70-degree highs a week and a half ago), it is already November. Midterms are sort of starting to wrap up, but the f-word (f*nals) is starting to work its way into on-campus dialogue, and seminar papers are no longer the stuff of myths. Ugh.

In other words, whether we like it or not, it’s that time of the semester where work becomes a thing that’s real. So, in honor of the impending misery that is actually being productive, here’s a quick guide to which study spots on and around campus are hot and which ones are not. Literally.


HOT: J. Walter Wilson. For some odd reason, JWW is consistently just slightly warmer than one would expect. I really don’t know how I feel about it.


NOT: The Rock, Main Reading Room. I wouldn’t necessarily call it cold, but the main area of the Rock is definitely not hot. Actually, it’s quite pleasant.

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PollerBears: What do you call the building where you get mail?

Dear readers,

You’ve been extraordinarily helpful telling us what you call this building. We need more help. What do you call the building where you get your mail, visit the Card Office, consult the Office of International Programs, and find the room with the most unnecessary and confusing placement of chandeliers on campus?


What do you call the building where you get mail?

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12 Days of Flogmas, Day One: J. Walter Wilson

In order to get you young whippersnappers in the scrutinizing mode for finals and hopefully a jolly mood for the holidays, your one and only true Blog love brings you the 12 Days of Flogmas. What is a Flog, you ask? Why, it merely consists of the best, most poignant, sometimes earth-shattering criticisms of perhaps the most trivial, yet gear-grinding aspects of life at Brown (see our FlogDailyHerald column). We feel this is particularly fitting during our collective finals catharsis, and we’ll keep it coming for 12 days. Take a sip of your FlogNog and let the festivities begin…

Oh, J. Walter Wilson, how I hate thee. Home to our mail boxes, mail services, and a number of unrelated offices, JWW is a hub of student traffic. Whether you have a language class in there every fucking day or you just stop by to pick up your mail, we are all too familiar with it. There are certain questions one is faced with upon entering the building, most of which have to do with its construction. The most pressing of which is what the architect was actually thinking when designing the building. The way things turned out, you’d think he or she was pulling a Rob Ford. Here’s why: Continue Reading