Confessions of a Jabbermom

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The following is a real letter, and the attached document was sent by a real mother of a real Brown Jabberwock. She has consented to this publication. The identities of all parties have been redacted for reasons you will soon understand.
Dear [son],
I am sending you this so that I can try to start to move on.
It has been a whole week, and I have not been able get a single other thing done, except think about the Jabberwocks.
One must admit when they have a problem. 


  1. Cannot stop listening to Jabbertalk. Have had Higher Ground on iTunes for a year.
  2. A previously confirmed non-subscriber to social media, signed up for Facebook, just to follow the Jabberwocks.
  3. Signed up for a souped up YouTube app to have faster downloading of every Jabberwock YouTube there is.  Have searched Jabberwocks, Jabberwocks Brown, and Jabberwocks Brown University…are there any more?
  4. Read every posting on since 2008.
  5. Made an Excel spreadsheet of all the 2013 Jabberwocks, including ranges, soloists, and arrangers.
  6. Downloaded the liner notes from Jabbertalk to make said spreadsheet.
  7. Looked up the exact ranges of baritone and bass on Wikipedia. Figuring out the bass part on the piano.
  8. Try to sing along with almost every song in alto.
  9. Had no idea the Jabberwocks were rated so highly and toured Europe.
  10. Dreams of someday hosting the Jabberwocks at her house on a West Coast tour. Worried that she might not have room for all of them. Trying to decide who else to invite to an intimate concert in her living room. Planning the menu.
  11. Downloaded the Jabberwock logo and considered making enclosure cards.
  12. Considered making stationery, or maybe a needlepoint pillow of the Jabberwock for the practice room.
  13. Named one of her tiny sheep Bandersnatch.
  14. Started to memorize Jabberwocky. Has a copy in her planner.
  15. Considered giving handmade jam to every member of the group. Or maybe regional honey from the farmer’s market would be better for their voices?
  16. Considered giving them all a copy of Musicophilia, by Oliver Sachs.
  17. Sent flowers to her Wockling’s grammar school music teacher.
  18. Considered sending a thank you note to the Chattertocks who helped her Wockling with his audition.
  19. Considered calling the Brown Athletic Department to ask if the Brown/Harvard football game footage includes the halftime show. And if so, can they email it?
  20. Studied a labeled photograph of this year’s Jabberwocks so she will be able to recognize them at Family Weekend.
  21. Considered starting a Facebook webpage for parents of Jabberwocks in order to anonymously dish and swoon, so as not to embarrass their sons. Can’t decide on a name: Jabberparents, Jabbermoms, Yammermoms, Jabberwonks. Don’t’ worry, won’t really do this.
  22. Probably should start a chapter of JA.
  23. Over the moon with happiness for her new Wockling.

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Jabberwocks Springtivational is TONIGHT!


Aca-believe it or not, the 65th annual Jabberwocks’ Springvitational is tonight! What better way to celebrate the end of this apocalyptic winter than by listening to the finest crooning in the college aca-world (ok, I’ll stop…). This year’s Springvitational is poised to be one of the best ones yet, featuring everyone’s favorite ‘Wocks, the Darmouth Aires, and Pitch Slapped from Berklee College of Music. Just to get an idea of what to expect, the Aires were runners-up on Season 3 of NBC’s acapella competition show, the Sing-Off. Pitch Slapped boasts equally impressive credentials, holding the title of 2011 ICCA champions. Whether or not you are aca-inclined (last one, I promise), tonight’s show features incredibly talented singers from Brown and beyond, so definitely check it out.

Head to Salomon 101 for the show at 8pm. Tickets are $4 and totally worth it. If you’re not convinced, check out the videos below to hear the three groups bring the heat.

Jabberwocks @ Brown 250th Anniversary – “Sweet Disposition”

Dartmouth Aires Queen Medley – Sing-Off Season 3

Pitch Slapped – “Good Life” Music Video

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A cappella on a cappella this weekend

1238827_10151637923447773_94773620_nYou could say we like a cappella at Brown. According to the Intergalactic Community of A Cappella (yeah, that’s a thing), we have the most a cappella groups per capita in the United States—a fact that the Czar of the Intergalactic Star Trek Prancing Singers Community is very proud of. This weekend, you can catch 5 of the 11 groups in live performance. On Friday at 8 p.m. in Salomon, The Higher Keys, The Ursa Minors, and The Jabberwocks will all be singing in the Triple Threat concert. Admission is $2 for students, $5 for everyone else, and free for “callbackees.”

On Saturday, make sure to head to Salomon again at 8 p.m. to see The Chattertocks and The Brown Derbies in Smoked Salomon. The admission prices are the same as for the Triple Threat concert. If the extremely witty concert names don’t convince you to check out these concerts, maybe these videos will:

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Jabberwock Chris Unseth ‘11.5 proposes to Sarah Gassel ‘11.5 at archsing

Warning:  Do not watch the above video if you can’t handle overwhelming cuteness or explosive happiness.

Friday night, a crowd of adoring fans got to witness a special moment as soloist Chris Unseth ‘11.5 pulled his girlfriend Sarah Gassel ‘11.5 from the crowd and sang to her, then knelt and asked her to marry him. The crowd roared as she accepted, flowers came out of nowhere and the two embraced. Andrew Kim ’13 captured it all on camera, so now students who weren’t there (or couldn’t see past the huge crowd) can experience the moment, too.

Friends of Chris and Sarah, who know the couple as “beautiful people inside and out,” look forward to watching their life together unfold. We at BlogDH wish them endless happiness in their post-Brown and married life!

Oh say can you see…

Don’t worry if the closest you’ve gotten to a sports game this year was “GISP0001: Sports that Legitimize Female Aggression.” For tonight, sports fans and a capella aficionados alike can tune into ESPN at 7:00 pm to watch Brown’s all-male a capella group “The Jabberwocks” perform the national anthem at the start of the Mets game.