Concert Knowledge: 7 things I learned at James Blake

james blake hob

On Tuesday, I experienced one of the best nights of my life. No, I didn’t renounce my vegetarian ways to try a Spicy With for the first time–I saw James Blake in concert at the Boston House of Blues, and it was unreal. Sorry, Camus, but I’ve actually discovered the meaning of life and it’s obviously beautiful British singers with incredible hair and angelic voices. Below are 7 things I learned at the James Blake concert, or as I like to call it, the day James Blake touched my hair, shoulder, and soul.

1. Make friends.

I really had no problem going to this concert alone because I was going to see James Blake in the flesh and that was all that mattered.It was still good, though, to bond with others over our mutual appreciation of Sir James’ perfection [Ed.: pretty sure he’s not a knight…], and just good music in general. I ended up making concert friends simply by remarking how cold it was outside, how annoying those drunk bros behind us were, and how tear-jerking James’ live rendition of “A Case of You” was. (I whispered, “My heart…” and the girl next to me said “Saaaame,” and bam. Insta-buddies). Also, if your new concert friend takes videos or pictures that you were unable to take because you were too busy jamming to those sick beats, you can always ask whether he/she can email them to you later.

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