Concert Knowledge: 8 things I learned at Jeff Mangum’s acoustic show


A few weeks ago, I saw Jeff Mangum, the lead singer of 90s indie band Neutral Milk Hotel, perform at Lupo’s for an acoustic set. Before I proceed, let me just quickly get this out of my system: Jeff is perfection incarnate. We are not worthy. My brain literally cannot fathom how otherworldly his stage presence is. His voice runs down my soul like fancy spiced rum. His lyrics are Dali paintings for my ears. Yes, I am forever blessed to have discovered his band on that music forum one summer night when I decided that I had had enough of Jonas Brothers commercialized pop tunes. Jeff Mangum’s music really is like no other, and seeing him live will definitely change you. Below are 8 things I learned at his concert:

1. Not all opening bands are painfully boring. There were two opening bands, but the one that I most enjoyed was the second one called The Music Tapes. The quirky wide-eyed singer was extremely endearing (I swear I’m not talking about Zooey Deschanel). I just felt like going on stage and petting him. The set featured a singing television, a seven-foot-tall metronome, and a saw that was repurposed into a musical instrument. At one point, I was just so confused as to what the hell was going on, but I was too riveted to look away. Overall, it was one of the most delightfully trippy and chill musical moments I’ve ever experienced, and this is coming from a fellow Californian, mind you. Continue Reading