Ivies Fail At Jeopardy

The Jeopardy college championships concluded on Friday with a win for Washington University in St. Louis. Nick Yozamp, a bio major, won $100K for himself and eternal glory for his school.

The runners-up were Ryan Stoffers of UCLA and Surya Sabhapathy of the University of Michigan.

According to IvyGate
, Ivy competitors included representatives from Dartmouth, Yale, Columbia, Penn, and our very own Brown. Rebecca Maxfield appeared on the show on February 2nd. She won $11,974, but said the rules say she can only get a check for $5,000.

No Ivy Leaguer has won the competition since it began in 1989. More students with the surname “Brown” or “Browning” (4) have participated than Brown students (3).

—Goda Thangada

Maxfield ’13 to appear on Jeopardy! TONIGHT!

in case you couldn't tell by the Brown sweatshirt, she's on the far right.

It’s College Championship week on Jeopardy!, and Brown Quiz Bowl team member and proud member of the class of 2013 Rebecca Maxfield will be on tonight fighting to earn the top spot for Brunonia.  She will be taking on Robbie Berg from the University of Pennsylvania and James Hill III of Santa Clara University.  So tune in tonight to Channel 12 at 7:30 PM to cheer her on.  To read the full ProJo article, click here.  For a hilarious video of the contestants on the show, click here.

— Mat Klimerman