More Brown students react Jesse Watters’ visit to College Hill

BlogDH wasn’t the only campus news outlet that sprung into action upon learning that Jesse Watters was on campus. Brown Political Review hit the streets (read: Main Green) to hear what Brown students had to say about the way in which Fox News went about reporting the “news,” and why Nudity in the Upspace is important to the Brown community. Check out the video above.

We decided to take on Jesse Watters

Jesse Watters just can’t stay away. He and his camera crew returned to campus yesterday to report on Nudity in the Upspace.

But this time, Blog was ready for him. We attempted to formally interview him, but he declined, stating that we would have to go through Fox’s Media Relations. But he agreed to talk to one of our reporters (who went on the record as a Brown student and not a reporter) while both Fox and Blog filmed.

So, with some trepidation, I jumped in.

Watters, the infamous “The O’Reilly Factor”  producer and interviewer, infiltrated SexPowerGod in 2005 and filmed students getting it on in their undies. More recently, Watters returned to Brown’s campus to interview students about the fictional  “Holiday Tree” controversy. Watters heavily edited the footage of Brown students—placing audio of crickets chirping over one student as she thought about her answer.

“The admissions policy at Brown,” said O’Reilly. “They have ‘Do you believe in Christmas?’ And if you say yes, they don’t let you in.” Continue Reading

“War on Jesse Watters” continues

Let the saga continue! Apparently, our beloved Jesse Watters – we hate you too – made news this past week on POLITICO for, wait for it, supposedly giving $500 to, wait for it, President Obama’s reelection campaign. Yes, this is the same Jesse Watters who called Obama voters “zombies” and basically implied that all Brown students are atheist foot soldiers in the “War on Christmas.”

This honestly seems a little sketchy (and too funny to be true), but according to the FEC filing report, Watters, or someone with the same name, employer, and address, gave 500 dollars to the Obama Victory Fund 2012 in late September.

We would like to think that all of those times he came to Brown to harass talk with us inspired him to support the elected President before it was cool. Or maybe he just wanted to keep his job, by making fun of a President that he “doesn’t agree with” and by reporting serious and pressing news…like the “War on Christmas.”

Arboreal Apocalypse 2012: We hate you too, Jesse Watters

Jesse Watters, a producer creepy, ambushing, stalker lunatic at The O’Reilly Factor decided to take another trip up to beautiful Providence, Rhode Island to further his mission to prove that all Brown students are radical sex freaks hell-bent on ruining Christmas for “real” Americans. As some of you may remember, this is the same guy that crashed SPG in 2005. This time, however, Watters and Bill O’Reilly have their sights trained on heretical un-believer pagans that infest College Hill. O’Reilly even jokes that “the admissions policy at Brown” asks “do you believe in Christmas?” and doesn’t let you in if you check “yes.”

This isn’t a story. Five days ago when it came out, this wasn’t a story. This has never been a story, regardless of how loudly O’Reilly has decided to scream at people that it is. He also said Jon Stewart is clearly going to hell. Whatever.

But the real reason we’re mad, Jesse Watters, has very little to do with trees, regardless of what you want to call them. Continue Reading