Jolly Olly Truck threatens Mama Kim’s reign as best food truck on campus

Jolly Olly Man

College Hill's Latest Food Truck Genius

Service with a smile can only go so far — sure, he’s surlier, but the Jolly Olly Man’s ice cream truck rolled onto Thayer Street for the first time this Sunday and was an instant hit. That may or may not have something to do with the fact that the Jolly Olly Man scared all the other food trucks away (Rocket got a flat tire attempting to flee). Also bitter about the seasonality of his product and Sunday’s 50-degree weather, the Jolly Olly Man was testy to students who approached the truck yesterday. But students certainly knew how to return the sass and were cheeky right back to him. Seems like a solid symbiotic relationship is in the making — Jolly Olly truck’s ice cream is sure to be a welcome treat if we have any more weeks of 70+ degree days. Check back in a few days for a review of everything the truck has to offer!

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