For all you pizza lovers

Catdog. Jorts. Heelys. All loved combinations, all popular in our middle school years. Today, the best combination — one whose components, when fused, produce a creation superior to the original separate ingredients: the chicken quesadilla pizza from Antonio’s. The concept is simple: take two of the most beloved college foods — pizza and chicken quesadilla — and merge them into a mouthwatering combination of cheese, pizza crusts, tortilla chips, chicken, tomatoes, onions, and a variety of spices. The result is the perfect slice of pizza — reminiscent of the perfect quesadilla, the crunchiness of tortilla chips with the warmth of melted cheese. Anyone who experiences this culinary fiesta sings its praises up and down Thayer. Our only complaint — why don’t chicken quesadilla pizza’s exist everywhere else!?

— Ana Alvarez