KONY 2012 video goes viral

No, he’s not some third party candidate for president. In fact, no one wants him to be elected to anything. KONY 2012 is a campaign to raise awareness about Joseph Kony and bring him to justice. Kony is the Ugandan leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), which seeks to create a theocracy based on the Ten Commandments; the LRA has abducted some 66,000 children to fight for them so they can achieve this end. The U.S. considers the LRA a terrorist group. Like I said, this isn’t a presidential campaign.

Unfortunately, the news only has time to cover so many evil rulers at once (Bashar al-Assad and Muammar Gaddafi certainly merited their coverage), so not enough people knew just how awful Joseph Kony was. To fix this, Invisible Children has created an absolutely incredible 30-minute video (posted above) to raise awareness and inform people of Kony’s actions. The video was posted March 5th and already has almost 2 million views. It’s absolutely worth your time. According to the Huffington Post, Zooey Deschanel, MC Hammer, Ray Rice, and more celebrities have gotten behind the KONY 2012 campaign via Twitter with the hashtag #STOPKONY.

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