Alums Who Do Cool Things: A day in the life of a billionaire

While we may be told to manage our expectations, stories of alums hittin’ it big in the real world tend to keep aspirations for life after Brown very high. Still, even the most Commercial, Organized and Entrepreneurial of us don’t necessarily envision a future of outfits that require their own security and a salary that makes Mitt Romney look like Joe the Plumber.

But one enterprising recent alum figured out a way to try out just such a life. Kevin Roose ‘09.5 , a New York Times reporter and published author, recently spent a day living like a billionaire in order to investigate America’s obsession with the super wealthy. He spent his day cruising around in a Rolls Royce Ghost (and a private jet) doing rich people things with a private security detail at his side — all for the sake of journalism (huzzah!). Check out the story here for more details from Kevin’s swagged-out day (and a glimpse into the future of aspiring Brunonian journalists?).

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