Blog Confessions

It’s unavoidable: even if we don’t always feel comfortable speaking our minds, there is some diversity of opinion at Brown. Everyone has different tastes and feelings, and it can be tough to voice our true thoughts if we know they go against the grain.

Unpopular opinions usually come to light in terms of the Big Questions, things like politics and religion. But what you might not realize is that some of your fellow students have thoughts about life in Brunonia that would shock you to the core. Or maybe you do realize, because you have feelings about Brown that don’t quite go along with the majority yourself.

Dialogue is important, so I solicited unpopular opinions from other Blog writers and constructed a highly scientific BlaspheMeter to determine exactly how ashamed you should be of your seemingly unacceptable Brown opinions.

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Michael welcomes more prefrosh to campus

Michael helps the prefrosh fill out their luggage tags, despite his inability to actually grip the pen….

…and then fills out his own. Unfortunately, he’s been stuck in Keenasty.

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