Alums who do cool things: Scott Norton ’08 and Mark Ramadan ’08

Scott Norton and Mark Ramadan did the unthinkable — they challenged one of the largest monopolies in our society: ketchup. Like Kleenex and Band-Aids, Heinz is synonymous with the product itself. Rather than accept this fate and be subjected to a life of one-ketchup consumption, these alums created an answer to the catsup establishment in the form of Sir Kensington’s Gourmet Scooping Ketchup. The brand has wit! Charm! Rebellion! Mustaches! How very Brown of them.

We got in touch with Norton and Ramadan and asked them some of BlogDH’s most pressing questions.

Why ketchup?
Ketchup is one of the only food products that is served everywhere from McDonald’s to the Four Seasons Hotel. What we noticed, with surprise, was that there is essentially no variety or choice in quality, texture or taste in the category.  Across mustards, salsas, yogurts, olive oils, chips and countless others, there are seemingly endless varieties, but with ketchup this wasn’t so. We were intrigued by this gap in the market, and began investigating to see if we could deliver something compelling. Continue Reading