Coughing up a Leung: 10 quiet room incidents you may never come back from


There’s an unspoken rule here at Brown: The Leung Gallery is a quiet room. The mod space, located above the beloved Blue Room, has no indication of a lowered decibel but has for some reason become a sanctioned study area, known for its wonderfully high ceilings, stylish interior and silence. Those who dare to pass through too loudly are given the stink eye by the students Facebooking hard at work. Woe be the poor soul whose stomach growls uncontrollably, who types too forcefully or who scrapes their chair on the ground upon shifting positions. Depending on the time of day, it can feel more like a stuffy country club than a cozy study space. Leung scholars are relentless when it comes to volume control (…okay, fine, we’re guilty of this too).  The two of us having almost officially moved into the gallery – or the “upstairs Blue Room,” as it has been nicknamed by those who can’t pronounce Leung (again, guilty!) – we have compiled a list of scarring quiet room incidents that may deter you from ever returning to the sacred space.  We’ve also included assorted faces of Kristen Wiig to better illustrate the facial expressions typically made by those who commit the various Leung faux pas:

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