Fishin’ for Fun: A expose on aquatic life in the Leung Gallery


This past Friday, the Leung Gallery hosted an event filled with free goldfish, of the cracker and the alive species. Attending students received their own tank to decorate, a gilled pet, a food packet, and a “Caring for your fish!” information slip. Finding Nemo was screened in the background, which is pretty ironic, considering the plot involves a clownfish who gets abducted from his family in the ocean, and then proceeds to freak the f**k out.

As someone who has seen the movie Blackfish, I was pretty concerned about animal safety. As someone who appreciates arts and crafts, I was intrigued. According to the event coordinators, this is an event back by popular demand; last year they actually ran out of fish. For 2015, they stocked up with 300 tanks, and approximately 300 fish.

How did the Campus Center choose the lucky genus? Well, they initially called PetCo to describe the event and circumstances, and the store sold them what was appropriate: feeder fish, who are bred to satiate the appetite of larger, cooler fish. The folks at the Leung Gallery phrased the giveaway as “a second chance at life.”


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PollerBears: Should we be allowed to breathe heavily in the Leung Gallery?


Things have come to a head in that large space above the Blue Room. We’ve heard stories of students getting death stares for chomping on some carrots and stern shushing for zipping up a jacket. It’s clear that right now the Leung Family Gallery is a “quiet zone,” like those in the Rock and Scili. But how many hyper-silent spaces do we need on campus? It seems that silence has already taken over the upstairs space of Andrews Commons. We at BlogDailyHerald believe the student body should have power over the decibel level of the Leung Gallery (unlike, say, in the Scili basement).

On one side, we have those that argue that there are plenty of other quiet spaces on campus (AQR, 4th floor of the Scili). What the University really needs, they insist, is more recreational spaces to just hang out in. And besides, enforcing the silence of the Leung Gallery is turning us into just the worst kinds of study buddies.

On the other side are those who would keep the chit-chat to the Blue Room below. It’s not like Faunce doesn’t have plenty of other places in which chill and eat those carrots.

I know we often take a joking tone to our polls, but we’re taking this one seriously. If a solid majority of students vote for it on this poll, BlogDailyHerald will launch an all-out campaign to transform the Leung Gallery into a space in which basic conversation is allowed. If you vote to keep the Leung Gallery silent in the poll, we will accept the room’s current state. Now, let your voices be heard!

Do you think the Leung Gallery should be a silent space?

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Where to watch the Super Bowl


If you consider a three hour drive away “in your backyard”, this year’s Super Bowl is in your backyard.

Early February is always a very exciting time for Americans. Sorry Obama, it’s not because of the State of the Union — it’s  Super Bowl Sunday. This year, the NFL’s number one ranked defense, the Seattle Seahawks, will be going against the league’s top offense, the Denver Broncos ( led by advertisement superstar and not half bad quarterback Peyton Manning).

Every year more money is spent on advertising for the commercial breaks, and this year’s half time show features The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bruno Mars. The event appeals to a wide range of people, including those that don’t care about who wins and are just rooting for Budweiser. All of this is to say for the football newbies: not only is the Super Bowl a huge fucking deal, but it is also engineered for TV viewers.

But wait, you’re a college student, so you don’t have cable! Actually, chances are you don’t even have a television set. Not to fear, for we will present you with a selection of options to make viewing the Super Bowl doable and fun this year. Cue this song:

On a laptop, via ethernet: Aimed at the two extremes, this method is either for the ultimate purist or the “not-even-a-football-fan” type. The purists don’t care that the screen is tiny; they just want to watch the game. In fact, the fewer people around to break their concentration, the better.  (Note: it’s also easier to rock your lucky underpants alone in your room.) On the other side are those who are just vaguely curious enough to plug in to the live stream during homework breaks. After all, you can’t resist seeing what all of the Facebook fuss is about.

In a dorm room, on a small-to-moderate sized TV: Watching the game with friends will make cheering for your preferred team more enjoyable, and it will probably give you access to more “free” food (if you are the bringer of snacks, be prepared to share). On the downside, dorms rarely acquire the right number of people for watching such a monumental event. You either have enough people that it’s too crowded, or it’s eerily empty and everyone is trying to go to the next biggest thing.  In addition, there’s approximately a 65% chance that someone in the room will order in from Wings and Things.

Alternatively: You can try to find the remote for one of the fancier lounges in dorms like Keeney. Allot yourself a good two hours beforehand because technology is confusing.

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A Cool Thing You Shouldn’t Miss: “Back to the Future” double feature


We’ve been waiting for this day to come. Hop off the struggle bus and on to the Delorean for tonight’s stress-relieving double feature of “Back to the Future” and “Back to the Future 2”! The event is sponsored and hosted by the Google Student Ambassadors and the Stephen Roberts ’62 Campus Center (Ed.-Did you seriously just call it the Stephen Roberts ’62 Campus Center?) and will be held in the Leung Gallery from 7-11 p.m. Be sure to stop by for free drinks, popcorn, and trivia! According to the Morning Mail announcement, “tons of Google and Back to the Future giveaways and prizes” will be distributed. We’d be lying if we said we weren’t not-so-secretly hoping that the free swag were these Marty McFly kicks. Come watch the first two films from this killer trilogy.

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Zz-ing your way to straight A’s

We Brown students like to have our cake and eat it too.  This often leads to us burning the candle at both ends by staying up late and (sometimes) still attending our early morning classes.  In order to continue operating at our prime, something’s gotta give, and that something is just one more reason college leaves high school in the dust: the delight of an afternoon nap.  Almost all of us do it, and we all do it in different places.  Some people like it the traditional way in a private place, some like the thrill of the public snooze sesh, and others are non-discriminating in where they doze.  If the spirit moves you, don’t be shy to catch some Z’s.  Luckily, Brown offers a plethora of amazing places to sneak a few REM cycles.

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