How to get yourself off that email list

So, it happened again. You wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy and check your emails to see 23 completely irrelevant messages hovering in your inbox. Then you just want to throw your phone against a wall because if there’s no sign of free Kabob and Curry, you don’t really give a shit.

The annual activities fair is a chance for you to reinvent yourself via various forms of dancing, post-modern non-heteronormative friendship circles, and advocacy for diseases you thought were eradicated around the time of the Black Death. You sign yourself up for, like, twenty too many things — new semester, new you! — and you begin to refamiliarize yourself with an inbox so full that if you didn’t wake up with a headache, you sure as well have one now.

The closest I come to tech-savvy is wiping down my laptop with makeup remover pads once every two months, so it should be no surprise that I have zero clue how to remove myself from a listserv. That being said, I’ve had to send my fair share of “sorry, I decided I don’t want to join your weekly friendship circle” emails. If you’re in that sticky situation — or, perhaps, the group you’re trying to consciously uncouple from has an email list and not a listserv — here’s my go-to “c ya” email. Because, obviously, we would never want to be rude.

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(Campus)Lifehacker: LISTSERV edition

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As members of the Brown community, we should really have a handle on some of the conventional social norms so we can respect our fellow students. However, it seems that there are some norms that Brown students simply overlook, or just really don’t care about how their behavior will affect (read: annoy) their peers. LISTSERV, my friends, falls in this latter category. To put it simply, this website really was not created for humans. Sure, you could go through your four years receiving e-mails from that club that you signed up to join but never attended the first meeting the first week of your freshman year…or you could not. When I told a friend that my inability to navigate LISTSERV was bothering me, she said, “what’s LISTSERV?” At that point, I knew something had to be done. Here are a few things that you should know about LISTSERV in order to save yourself from future annoyance, and more importantly, embarrassment. We did some serious investigative journalism to help you out over here. Continue Reading