OK, but did you actually read the Lit Arts prizes?

This guy looks like he could be a Lit Arts professor.
(Disclaimer: I have never taken a Lit Arts class.)

A couple of days ago, we ran a quick post announcing that the Literary Arts department had revealed the recipients of their 2013 prizes, and provided a link to said prizes. OK, but did you actually read the write-ups? Blog has nothing at all against the winners of the awards; proof: our own Mike Makowsky was one of them. Hail to the victors! But–the people who wrote the justifications for the decisions are hilarious. Here’s a sample of what they had to say about the prizewinners. (Material in italics quoted from Brown Literary Arts Prizes 2013.)

Blind Wanderer (Kim Ann Arstark Memorial Award): A strange, erotic series of prose poems…inspired by, but not dependent on, works by the Norwegian painter Odd Nerdrum, an ekphrastic that maps its own subversive adventure.

  • I had to Google “Odd Nerdrum” to make sure that wasn’t a joke, because, come on, whose name is Odd Nerdrum? I literally know less about Blind Wanderer now than I did before reading its description.

On Saturn Devouring His Son (Kim Ann Arstark Memorial Award): This is a series of ekphrastic poems

  • Let me stop you right there. What the fuck is an ekphrastic and why is every Literary Arts thesis one? And what kind of asshole devours his son? Looking at you, Saturn. Once again, I’m left with more questions than answers.

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Literary Arts Department announces spring 2013 Prizes


Presenting categories ranging from children’s stories to ekphrastic poems, Brown’s Literary Arts Department announced this spring’s list of prize-winning literary works written and submitted by Brown students yesterday. The competition, which features several prizes for poems and fictional works as well as the Weston Senior and Weston Graduate prizes, featured 22 total pieces by 20 different Brown students. Check out the list of works and their authors here, along with feedback from the judges on what distinguished these outstanding pieces from what was undoubtedly an impressive selection of writings submitted this year.

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Brown cleans up at the Pulitzers

Hudes (left) and Gander (right)

The 2012 Pulitzer Prizes were announced yesterday, and in the category of Letters, Drama and Music, our lovely Literary Arts Program killed it. Quiara Alegría Hudes MFA ’04 scored the Pulitzer in Drama for her play Water By the Spoonful, while Forrest Gander, professor of literary arts and comparative literature, was a finalist in Poetry for his book Core Samples from the World. At this time neither author will confirm or deny rumors of a planned collaborative literary project, tentatively titled “Get On Our Level.”

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