Love Me Tinder: The Sequel

Tinder. You’re probably familiar with it. Hopefully part of this familiarity stems from having read our post on the subject a few days ago. It made us men (or, to be more accurate, boys) look pretty silly. Don’t worry, though, because here’s a dirty little secret–there are some pretty silly young women on Tinder as well. Some of you may not know this even if you’ve been using Tinder, because you are saying ‘yes’ only to hot girls who never say ‘yes’ back to you. I had this issue. I resolved it quickly by saying yes to everyone, which got me over 55 (mostly) heterosexual women as matches. Here are some of the choicest encounters. Happy Valentine’s Day, Tinder lovers!

Tinder Match #1:

The biggest problem with Match #1–the first girl I talked to on Tinder, and one of the more attractive–was that she looked like a middle-schooler. Also, the part of the conversation that’s cut off is her telling me she just got out of the shower, which seemed suggestive but apparently wasn’t. She remains the only girl to block me.

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