I survived a 305 Fitness class, and so can you.

Last Thursday night, two bloggers faced their greatest fears. We suited up in our workout garb, filled our water bottles, and small-talked nervously as we walked to Hillel. We walked into a huge, empty room and saw a small but peppy big-haired girl in a pink sports bra. We had arrived. And we were terrified.

305 Fitness, formerly known as BodyRox, was started last year by Sadie Kurzban ’12 and Brielle Friedman ’12, a pair of fitness-loving besties set on creating a workout that was both fun and effective. The result: a zumba-like dance rager that literally kicks your ass. I had seen the trailer online and was intrigued by the concept. The music and the dancing seemed fun! Everyone was so into it! Maybe I could be one of those sexy dancers werkin’ off CFF! But I couldn’t do this alone. So I enlisted another blogger to accompany me on this glute-crushing, life-changing journey.

And bringing a friend was the smartest thing I could have done. Throughout the workout, we exchanged a couple of knowing, affirming glances to help us get through. That, or she was actually thinking, “I hate you! Why would you ever subject me to this!” It also made me feel safer walking home, knowing that if I collapsed on the Main Green, there would be someone to call EMS.

I hope I’m not scaring you too much. Let me backtrack and start again: 305 Fitness is actually really fun, albeit terrifying. Signing a waiver at the beginning of a class was not the most reassuring thing in the world, but being handed the pen and paper by a smiling and encouraging instructor eased the initial pain.  Continue Reading