What to do tonight: 4/8

8:00-11:00 p.m, Hillel Gallery Space
The word “open” is neither an explanation nor an afterthought because it explains nothing — and there was no before-thought, so the parentheses seem a little unnecessary to me. However, this event is going to feature “experiments in your zen garden” and “human q-tips” so I don’t exactly feel comfortable telling them that they’re misusing punctuation.

The Cook
8:00 p.m., Leeds Theater (77 Waterman)
$7, $5 with the coupon that was in your mailbox
Director Kym Moore also directed “The Other Shore” last year, and it was a seriously cool piece of theater, so I’m excited to see what she does with “The Cook.” The show, written by Eduardo Machado (any relation to Antonio?) is set in Cuba in 1958.

6:30 and 8:45, Avon Cinema
If you want to see Ben Stiller rocking his serious face, you better get a move on: this is Greenberg’s last night at the Avon.