What’s behind the door to one of the biggest magic collections in the world?

If you’ve ever explored around the Hay, you might have noticed a seemingly average door on the second floor. A little plaque marks: “Smith Magic Room.” But upon reaching for the handle, you realize it’s locked.


Recently, I took a tour of the Smith Magic room, a collection of books and paraphernalia donated by alumnus H. Adrian Smith ’30. Smith was an engineering student who paid his way through school by performing as a magician. By 1948, he was elected national president of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and had already starting collecting all things magicana. His collection, what amounts to possibly the second largest magic collection in the world, was left to Brown.

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Harry Potter spinoff exists!!!


Harry Potter fans, it’s time to shake off that Post-Potter depression and start rejoicing! Yesterday, Warner Bros. announced a new partnership with the woman behind all the magic to create a more in-depth film series on the Wizarding World. Inspired by the fictional textbook, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the series will follow Newt Scamandar, the textbook’s author, and his adventures in New York seven decades before The Boy Who Lived came to be. Although this new series will have nothing to do with the golden trio, we can rest assured that with J.K. Rowling’s creative mind, it will be just as satisfying. And just for some extra feels, continue celebrating with the original cast after the jump. Continue Reading

Students who do cool things: Jonah Cader ’16

Some of you might remember him as that kid doing card tricks on the Hogwarts Express ADOCH train; others might have noticed him doing card tricks for people around campus. If you haven’t met him yet, you probably should…because he’s awesome.

Jonah has loved magic since he was a little kid. He fondly remembers a magic shop that he used to visit near his grandparents’ house. He would throw on his cape and hat and create shows for his parents, grandparents, and their cats.  As Jonah grew older, his hobby became a hardcore passion—he started reading as many magic books and watching as many DVDs as he possibly could. He started going to magic meetings with groups like The Society of American Magicians and The International Brotherhood of Magicians. He even started to take lessons with a—wait for it—card magician-turned-Capuchin-Franciscan-Friar. Once a week, the friar would teach him new tricks and help him develop his dexterity and skill.

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