SPONSORED: Lana Drew, Realtor and Personal Assistant Magnifique

So you’re ready to move out of the prison-like confines of Brown housing? Looking to live somewhere that doesn’t require a Brown ID swipe in a fickle, oft-broken machine to enter? Prepared to face the adult world of property maintenance and responsibility? More power to you. One problem–how are you going to find the house or apartment that’s right for you?

That’s where Lana Drew, of Lana Drew Custom Concierge Service, comes in. Lana, a realtor-personal assistant-organizer-shopper-mother stand-in extraordinaire, is the best and friendliest option in town for students looking for help in renting or purchasing an off-campus house or apartment. She is widely acclaimed by past customers—and perhaps more importantly, their parents. Just ask and she can provide a slew of rave references. Continue Reading