What’s been happening at Brown (and in Providence!)

Welcome to the end of your vacation!

Whether you’re already relaxing in your dorm away from home, slogging your way through the snow to make it to good ol’ Prov or trying to cram your suitcase shut, we at BlogDH want to help usher in the spring (?!) semester vibes with an update on all things Brown and beyond.

The mailroom continues to pimp its own ride:

The lobby of J Walter Wilson will now be offering shipping services to students, on top of the usual package and letter deliveries. You can also buy shipping supplies and stamps on location. They also added some ergonomic benches, to add to the illusion that you’re just chilling with your friends, bopping to some sweet tunes, and not waiting to pick up junk mail.


University President Christina Paxson has been named a director of the Boston Federal Reserve–which apparently is an institution that is relevant to all of New England. Because CPax doesn’t have enough on her plate…

Oberlin’s Vice President/Dean of Students Eric Estes will be joining us in July of 2016 as the new Vice President for Campus Life. If you want to hear more about Estes’ life trajectory, or the details of the VP job, check this out. Estes boasts a great deal of experience in diversity issues and LGBTQ+ advocacy.

Brunonians on TV: 

Computer Science Professor Michael L. Littman will now do your taxes for you. More accurately, Professor Littman recently starred as himself in a Turbo Tax commercial with the tagline “It doesn’t take a genius to do your taxes.

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Blogify: Mailroom Jams

New York’s hottest club is: the Brown University mailroom. This school year, we came back to our beloved Brunonia to find a completely renovated mail room with an entirely different system for getting packages and letters (Bye Bye Bye, mailboxes). While many Brunonians anticipated the mailroom facelift, I’d be shocked to find someone who knew that the our new mailroom would double as the most uncomfortable nightclub of all time. 


Check out that new mailroom in JWW. Game hath been changed, Brunonia.

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With the newly ample space and upbeat music, everything about that room screams dance, aside from the fact that you’re standing in line to collect an ambiguous jury duty letter in the middle of the day. One can barely get away with the tapping of a foot without looks of confusion from fellow line-waiters.

What makes the mailroom’s music so great is its vast variety of songs that all make you want to dance always. For this week’s Blogify, we’ve created a playlist with our assorted favorite mailroom jams, so that you can finally dance to them in the comfort of your own dorm. (That being said, if anyone wants to make mailroom dancing a thing, we’d be cool with it.)