Yet another food truck: Clam Jammers

 What with Mama Kim’s, Mijos, Plouf Plouf, and various other trucks clogging the sidewalk outside of Metcalf, it may be hard to believe the food truck bubble hasn’t burst on Thayer Street yet. Nevertheless, yet another one has opened for business. Starting this past Tuesday night, the Narragansett restaurant Clam Jammers has been operating a food truck on the corner of Thayer and Waterman. If not for grey-eyed/clouded Athena, they would’ve been around more this week, but the truck’s operators promise we’ll be seeing more of them in the future.

One might be skeptical of the preposterously out-of-season menu of half and whole clam rolls, lobster rolls, “stuffies” – these are stuffed quahogs, right? – fish & chips, and more, but Clam Jammers delivers. Its clam roll ($10, $5 for half) offers a healthy (?) portion of freshly-fried clams with tartar sauce and lettuce on a gently-toasted, not-so-gently-buttered roll. Great with a little bit of vinegar.

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Did you really read Morning Mail? Korean barbecue edition

If you did last night, then this post is useless. If not, you are in for a serious treat. The venerable, ORIGINAL Thayer Street food truck is coming to the Blue Room. That’s right, the Blue Room will be serving Mama Kim’s starting tomorrow, THURSDAY, at 4:00 p.m., according to Morning Mail. The move to the Blue Room is, according to Hyun Kim ’01, all part of a plan to “bring Korean cuisine one step closer to the Brown community.”

The Hazeltine abides.

Now, the intensity with which one believes in the absolute truth of Morning Mail may vary from student to student, but I suggest you all heed this warning: If you really love Korean barbecue and can’t wait for the truck to get here, RUN — don’t walk, this is supposedly a “trial run” with a “limited amount of food available” — to the Blue Room Thursday afternoon. Adding Mama Kim’s to the 4:00 p.m. Blue Room rush is sure to cause a near riot in Faunce, so if you don’t like crowds or really good-smelling food, you might want to find another place to hang out tomorrow afternoon.

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Reminder: Free Mama Kim’s t-shirts

Beef bulgogi: As much fun to say as it is to eat!Don’t want to do laundry or eat at the Ratty? Then remember that today’s the day to drop by Mama Kim’s food truck — in celebration of the truck’s one year anniversary, Mama Kim’s is giving out a free t-shirt with each order! #swag

Free Mama Kim’s Swag

The crux of all vegetarians.

Want to wear some Mama Kim’s (without spilling beef bulgogli on yourself)?

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the food cart, Mama Kim’s is giving away a free t-shirt with a purchase of any meal Friday March 16. Free clothing and sliders? Yes, please!

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